There Is Nothing More Irritating Than Having A Head Cold

There is nothing more irritating than having a head cold. I have learned over the years that while there doesn’t’ seem to be a cure for the head cold, there are certainly some remedies that do the trick. Now if you like taking medications go ahead and do so, but for me, I just don’t feel better when I take cold medicine. Cold medicine either makes me feel jittery or tired and neither of them helps me when I am feeling sick. I like to use traditional or natural head cold remedies and I have found a few that work.


People say it all the time… “Drink Lots Of Fluids” and it couldn’t be truer. Your body is fighting when you have a head cold and fluids give your body the energy it needs to fight. Drink a lot of fluids and you will not only feel more hydrated, you will be giving your body the ammunition it needs to come out on top of the battle.

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

Yep, it has been proven that chicken soup does actually help a head cold. The hot soup helps clear your mucous membranes allowing you to breathe easier. There is also something in chicken soup that acts as an anti-inflammatory. So there you have, Grandma was right!


Here again, it is so important that you give your body the best chance to fight the cold off. Sleep as much as you can and if you can’t sleep, rent some movies and veg on the couch. The more rest you get the quicker your will be done with your head cold.If you want to cure a common cold or flu you must take the Dayquil, To know more about How often can you take Dayquil.


Vitamins are important every day, but especially when you have a head cold. Make sure to take some extra vitamin c when you have a head cold.

These are a few of the head cold remedies that work best for me and there are many others that you can find just by surfing our site and the internet in general. Good luck and get well soon!



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