Top 5 Types Of Menstruation Problems

top menstruation problemsAll the biological changes during puberty can make adolescents feel troublesome and unsure of themselves. This is especially fact for girls when it comes to menstruation. For a teenage entering girl, getting her first period is a biological milestone and a signal of becoming a woman. Equally, this could be very confusing and scary, particularly if she faces certain problems such as irregular periods and/or premenstrual syndrome (PMS) it also a one of the problem of miscarriage and there are remedies for abortion. Let us look at other top menstruation problems types:

1) Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea simply means the absence of the menstrual cycle. It could be either primary or secondary: Primary amenorrhea refers to the menses those have never started. Secondary amenorrhea refers to the menses those have stopped due to some factors for 6 months or more.

2) Menstruation problems due to Dilatation and Curettage

A dilatation and curettage (in short D&C) is a surgical procedure done on women to scrape away the womb lining. The neck of cervix of the womb is widened using an instrument named dilator. In some cases, the menstruation problems are due to this procedure. However, this heals very quickly.

3) Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is most common among women. This is defined as painful menses. Normal menses that happens to be painful is called as primary dysmenorrhea, whereas secondary dysmenorrhea deals with periodic pain due to some reproductive ailments, such as endometriosis. In primary dysmenorrhea, it is believed that the muscles of the womb get squeezed and contracted harder than normal to tackle the callous lining. Such contractions might also disturb the blood flow to the uterus, aggravating the pain. Women of any age may face troublesome menses and some women discover that menses are no longer painful once their pregnancy is over with childbirth.

4) Fibroids

Fibroids are also called as myomas. They are the growths or benign tumors developed inside the uterus (womb). The ratio of this condition is 4:10 women over the age of forty may get fibroids. Though, the origin of such fibroids is unknown but many health care provides believe that disturbances in sexual hormones such as estrogen may cause it.

5) Late Period

This is also one of the menstruation problems. The woman might have been sexually active and now her menses are late. If she has not had a pregnancy test yet, it is better not to assume that she has conceived. The period to have menstrual cycle may vary with minor and major changes the menses at some times.

There are many ways to cure menstruation problems. However, the treatment depends upon the cause. There are some herbs that induce the menstruation and also correct its irregularity. Herbs like Ashoka and Lodra are two of them. If there is hormonal insufficiency, it is to be corrected supplying some hormonal replacement etc. Many holistic healers believe that if the stress and anxiety are main culprit, better to perform meditation and yogasanas that help in tackling mental problems to treat menstruation problems.



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