Possible Dangers of Marijuana That You Should Know

Dangers of Marijuana!!! The most noticeable effects of marijuana usage can be observed in long- and short-term memory loss, typically called stoner syndrome, that makes retaining info or conducting complex assignments very problematic if not impossible. Constant long-term usage of the drug causes a loss of brain functioning similar to people 2.5 times your present age. For further more information you can check with the link detoxofsouthflorida.com

Possible Dangers of Marijuana That You Should Know

The Dangers of Marijuana

The Short-Term Harm

Actually, difficulty recalling events, and even ones, which just took place within the past few minutes, with deteriorated perceptions of reality, slow responses, as well as decreased coordination are several famous side effects of marijuana. Dangerous sexual behavior is a concern as unplanned pregnancies and STDs happen easily when under the influence.

The Long-Term Harm

When studies are not final concerning the long-term effects of the chronic marijuana usage, outcomes to date reveal users will develop:

  • Persistent coughing up phlegm production
  • Often respiratory problems such as chest colds, obstructed airways and lung infections that cause more sick days as well as doctor visits than the non-users
  • Deteriorated immune system and infection fighting reactions
  • Cancer particularly in the lungs, neck, respiratory tract and head.

Lots of chronic users undergo mild to moderate drug withdrawal symptoms when marijuana is not present in the sufficient quantities. These are:

  • Impatience
  • Problematic sleeping
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tremors or shakes particularly in the hands.

Warning signs, which may indicate addiction or dependence to marijuana are:

  • Using more often and more of marijuana to get the similar effect
  • Thinking of when you will be capable to use it again
  • Prioritizing the drug use over some other activities and responsibilities
  • Rejecting relationships and friends who are not engaged with drug usage
  • Realizing you are only happy as you are high and are going to get high.


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